My Gift To You…Not Just Another Day…It’s Special

Sunset in Antarctica

Sunset in Antarctica


Sunrise in Antarctica

For my first post, I’m offering a short YouTube clip I found several years ago.  I’ve keep the link because I go to it every now and again to remind me how special our lives can be if we pay attention to the things that really matter.  We are surrounded by beauty and living things that make our lives meaningful and special to our families, our friends and the people around us.  The message offered by the YouTube begins with a simple but effective message offered by an innocent and adorable young girl.  The clip then transitions to a broader and more impactful group of messages with some of the most beautiful images I’ve ever seen.

Back Camera

Clear Skies in Alaska

The YouTube clop makes me think about how I navigate my way through each day.  It has truly changed my perspective.  It’s a special message that someone in your life will appreciate today.  It could be anyone and today might be exactly the right day to send this to them.  Share it…and don’t forget to share the gift with yourself!!

Click on this Link:


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