Welcome To All With Good Taste

Welcome to All With Good Taste.

I began blogging about four years ago establishing a blog called “Hot Cooking Guys”.  It got to be a pretty popular site, having reached people in more than 30 countries around the world.  It’s popularity came about because the site offered encouragement to  aspiring male cooks, helping them gain confidence in the kitchen by blogging simple and easy to follow, great tasting recipes.  I also included stories, travel logs, and other interesting topics, mostly attracted to male readers.

As it turns out, I had several female visitors encouraging me to broaden the site to be more inclusive because the recipes, stories and other posts were appealing to women as well.  But about that time I became very busy with other parts of my life and never got around to re-vamping the site.

Recently, I found some time to devote building a new blog site:  All With Good Taste. 

I hope you will enjoy my new weblog site.  I’ve purposely sought out the simplicity of this sites features for those of us technologically challenged.  But in case you haven’t already noticed, the site background is presented as if it were the front page of a daily newspaper, with different sections available for you to read and peruse, just like you get when you receive your at-home delivered daily newspaper.  That’s not a mistake.  This background will be a not-so-subtle reminder that this blog is intended to capitalize on the great things happening around us.  I will periodically blog about topics I find interesting and inspiring, mainly from the categories listed below.

“Loving Life”–this section will include stories and blogs about events, activities, and things that make life great, fun and exciting.  These will almost always be ‘feel good’ stories, so come here when you need a little reminder that things will get better.

“Funny Little Moments”–more likely than not, this section will be snippets of things in life that make us laugh.  Check out this section when you need a little up-lift from the stresses of the day.

“Great Menus”–in this section you will find menus for multi-course dinner parties, special events or celebrations.  These menus will include the kinds of foods that work together to make an evening or event special.  Most of the time they will include the appropriate wine-pairings giving you confidence in the combinations of food and wine for your parties or events.

“Great Recipes”–here is where you will find the main feature of this blog.  Each one of the recipes in this section will be proven, easy to tackle, with nearly guaranteed great results every time.  They will not be complex.  They come from “Lou’s Recipe Collection”.  These are a collection of recipes that began their evolution in my mother’s, grandmother’s, father’s or grandfather’s recipe books, or I found them in magazines or clipped from some forgotten place, or I had a special dish in a restaurant, went home and assembled a close proximity to it.  To make it to My Recipe Collection, the recipes have evolved and changed to incorporate the tastes and layers of flavors that make the preparation special and one-of-a-kind.

“Just Great Ideas!”–is the area I’ll blog stories about things that can make your life easier, better or more organized.  It will be an area where random things will be located.  Check this place out if you are looking for fun things to do, make or buy.

“Travel and Life’s Adventures”– here you will find travel logs, photos, stories funny and sad and places I’ve personally visited.  While I’m traveling, I’ll post blogs of the daily things I discover along the way.

“Best Posts–In My Opinion”–blogs get to be long and hard to keep up with and not all posts are created with equal energy and insight.  Thus, for those of you that want to go to the best of the best, this is the place to go.  I’ll be selective as to what goes in here to keep it a special and unique place to visit on the blog site.

From time-to-time, I may add a new category and if I do, I’ll inform you about it’s contents.

To get things started, I have captured some of my favorite blogs from the former “Hot Cooking Guys” blog, re-written them and reposted them to All With Good Taste. 

I hope you’ll come to the site frequently to see What’s Up and to comment on what you like or not.  I’m hoping to have fun with it, even if I’m the only one reading it.


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