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Dear Readers,

I’m taking a break from the routine of the blog posts and recipes for a short time. Me and some of my cycling friends are making our way to Anchorage, Alaska for a week of cycling the Northwestern most American wilderness. We are here to tour with Backroads, renting Specialized S-Works Roubais and covering anywhere from 40 to 80 miles a day. There’s a century option later in the week, and I’m still debating whether I want to do it or not. I’ll let you know later this week.

Kathy is not with me, because while she loves to cycle, she’s not big on road riding, and that’s all we’re doing this week.

I think I can include pictures blogging from my IPad, but be patient until I figure out how to place them in the blog. I will post something each day to at least share the places, food and drink we experience each day. They will most likely be short posts–yea!!!

Today we made our way to Anchorage via Delta Airlines. No mishaps. Good start. Got In about noon and checked into Capt Cooks Hotel. Reminds me of a ships hold. Suspiciously unartful paintings of Capt Cook and his pirates all over the place. It’s only one night.

Tim and I wanted to walk off the jet lag and spent the afternoon checking things out. The highlight was an open air Farmers and art fair we walked through. All the food there was fried. Things like salmon quesadillas were being prepped on suspicious grill tops.

We wandered around and finally found a place called Sleeping Lady Brewing Company. Went in for a quick lunch and a beer. I had a Sleeping Lady Pale Ale. Tim had the Porter. Both very nice. We both had a bowl of Salmon Corn Chowder. Excellent. Almost like a thick bisque. I’ll need to find a recipe for this. I’ll post it if I do find a good one.

Weather is not so good so sightseeing trip to Mt McKinley cancelled. We walked around dodging raindrops, and did some shopping without buying much at REI. Incredible store in Anchorage. Double the size of ours in Pittsburgh.

Took a short rest. Dinner awaits. Body clock is all goofy now. 4 hours difference, but seems more than that.




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  1. thanks for travel log.

  2. have fun you guys!

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