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20120726-213242.jpgI love life. I love to live an active life. I have great energy and passion to create, participate in and observe life experiences that make each day special. I try to take the time to pay attention to what is happening around me–to be aware of how my five senses are responding to the stimulus of each moment.

I choose to look for things that make me happy. If something makes me sad or unhappy, I try to make it better. If I can’t fix or make it better, I don’t handle it well.

Life is fast-paced and more complex than it was just 10 years ago, and the number of world problems needing attention are incredibly daunting. Nevertheless, I choose to be positive and optimistic about the future. I choose accept and adopt the life lessons learned from even the saddest current events.

While I recognize situations can become very difficult at times, I don’t take myself too seriously. Accordingly, I try to quickly rebound from disappointments and failure.Miscellaneous Pics 171

I’m generous. I try to help make peoples lives a little better or easier. I try to help fix their problems by enthusiastically throwing my personal time, talents and treasures at their issues, surrounding them with hope, encouragement and pathways towards a happier, or at least better, condition.

I value and appreciate the activities in which I choose to engage. I like trying new things, and I’m not afraid to fail at them. However, I apply passion, dedication, the willingness to learn, and the commitment to master the skills needed to achieve a high degree of success in everything I attempt. My natural tendencies are left brained: analytical, detail- and control-oriented, but I work hard to activate the creative elements of the right side to achieve an extra measure of satisfaction from what I choose to do.

Remaining busy and active is critical to my health and well-being. While I retired after nearly four decades of a professional services career, I’m busier today than before I retired. I like it that way. I tried to slow down—it didn’t align with my passion to experience every moment of life as if it was my last.


Cycling Friends in Alaska

Finally, I love sharing life with others. I love people. I love being around people, and I love accomplishing things with groups of people. I like to do things that challenge me and the people around me, and I like doing them in competitive environments, where everyone wants to succeed. The people in these environments push each other outside of their comfort zones, to grow and to make learning new things a life-long passion. I like to please the people I care about. I like to see smiles on their faces. I like to see people around me feel good about themselves.

This blog is dedicated to sharing some of the things I observe, accomplish, or experience—things that I hope will make your days a little brighter, or better, or more fun. These will be mostly good things. As the title of the blog implies, I will try to inspire you with good tastes, good news and good insights. If something really bad or sad happens, I may very well try to ignore it. Or I may choose try to write something insightful—words that will help me positively learn from the experience.

Sometimes I will share recipes I’ve tried, and that I hope you will try and enjoy. These recipes will be easy to prepare and present, very likely will creating excitement from your kitchen, for your family, friends, or for just yourself. I might come across a great new beer or wine that I thought was special. I’ll share that.
At other times I’ll come across sights, sounds and people doing things that make life special and unique. I’ll take pictures. I may find something on YouTube that makes me smile, makes me feel really good, want to sing or to dance with my wife. I will share all of that with you.

Along the way, maybe you’ll find something that made your day special, and you’ll share it with me. I’ll then share it with the others. Then we’ll have a community of people looking for and sharing All With Good Taste.

Welcome! To All With Good Taste!!

2 January, 2013 @ 2:41 [Current Revision]

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