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Advanced Stage Relationships (ASR’s) with the ladies in our lives is complex and challenging work, requiring constant vigilance and creativity.  While getting to an ASR with our special lady is a wonderful milestone, most of us know, or will eventually learn, that falling sleeping on the job yields a dimming of the relationships lights.  While you may not need help from your Guy Network because you have mastered the ‘building’ and ‘sustaining’ skills in this regard, this blog attempts to offer some practical advice and fun ideas, mostly around cooking, to help Guys become Hot!   We use these ideas, the advice and simple cooking skills to Win Over Women (WOW! Them), and then we use them over and over to continue to WOW! Them.  We do this by continuously feeding each other creative ideas to help keep our ASR’s at peak performance levels.

Ideas are ...

All Good Ideas Require…

In some of the posts, I use humor and clever word to express the ideas; in others, I introduce the more serious side of building strong and lasting relationships with the women you love or to Win Over the Woman you are pursuing, engaged to or married to.  In all of them, I try to remember there is no silver bullet to achieving and maintaining an ASR with the lady in my life.  It’s really about caring enough to act on the things that will make her day special, or her life more fun or a little easier.  It’s not complex, but the whole idea is to let her know through your actions and words that your life is a little better because she is a part of it.On this page, I will accumulate from my Posts the ideas that might contribute to letting her know you are a Lucky Guy because she has chosen to spend some part of her life with you, whether it’s on a first date, or after 50 years of marriage.

You should know I’m pretty much making this stuff up as I go along.  That’s part of the fun of writing this blog–the discovery and adventure of it all.  I don’t have a list of guaranteed-to-work ideas I’ve accumulated over the years.  I’m using inspiring moments of the day, the history or evolution of a particular recipe, or a past experience to stimulate an idea that has worked, or not worked, in the past, for me or for others who choose to share through the blog.  Therefore, there is no particular order or priority to the ideas.  However, each time I add an idea to this page, I will make a judgement about how effective the idea or concept might be, and rank them accordingly.  Thus, the first ones listed will be considered foundational and critical, while the latter ones might be whimsical and just fun to do.

Accordingly, the ideas or concepts are listed in descending order of importance and are cross-reference to the Post, noted in brackets […] in which the idea is positioned.


1.  Nothing demonstrates how much you care for the lady in your life more than identifying and memorizing her favorite foods, preparations and beverage preferences.  It shows you are paying attention to the ‘little things’ in your relationship with her.  Then spend the time and effort to learn about them because that shows you are enthusiastic about investing in your relationship with her.  Finally, amaze her by preparing them as well, if not better, than anyone else.  And prepare them frequently.  That shows you want to please her.  [July 15, 2012]

2.  Find ways to stay in shape for the ladies in your life, because it matters, even when the lady in your life says it doesn’t matter.  Our ladies often tell this small fib to let us know they love the inner you more than the outer you.  But I submit for your consideration, wouldn’t it be easier to love a great inner guy, when the outer guy is also healthy and in good shape?  Think about it.  [June 12, 2012]

3.  Knowing about the food ingredients and the way they were prepared when people were growing up, opens a world of appreciation for the character, the values and the culture of that person.  And that knowledge is a strong predictor of the kind of soul mate that person will be, or will become. [July 3, 2012]

4.  There is never an escape from the punishment we (Guys) have ‘earned’ by trying to leap over (run from) the ‘lady gods’ in our lives, whether it be your mother, the current of former ladies in your life, your wife, sometimes, even your daughter. [June 16, 2012]

5.  If you think your lady is going to read or hear your sarcasm and deduct POW! Points, make sure you plant offsetting WOW! Point comments for her to read or hear.  It doesn’t always work, but it’s better than leaving the deductions without some chance for recovery. [June 8, 2012]


Lower Post, B.C. Canada

A Few Ideas from a Sea of Many

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