The Art of Winning Over Women (WOW!)

Posted on May 23, 2012 as “Did She Say WOW??!!

I’ve coined a couple of phrases that all guys need to understand to follow my blog, because the concepts are critical to successfully achieving that mostly elusive title of ‘Hot!’

In my first blog, I began to shed some light on what is Hot! and what is Not! You should know I do not have a definitive recipe to follow or a clear road to success in this regard. Entire buildings are filled with books written by much more insightful and intelligent people than me on this subject. Doctors, psychologists, Late Night and Afternoon TV Talk Show Hosts, university professors and men and women from every walk of life and in every corner of earth have attempted to create the definitive recipe or a specific road map, without success. Sure some of them have shed light on the topic, but finding definitive answers that consistently work is a frustratingly elusive adventure. Many of them reason that people, particularly women, are too complex to achieve such an understanding.

Personally, I don’t think anything definitive will ever be discovered. The reasoning is very simple: every human being is different and unique. No two are exactly alike. Therefore, each person we choose to have a relationship with requires a customized approach to creating and maintaining the relationship we desire. So I waste little time straining my reputedly miniature brain (that my wife claims is woefully short on neuron activity) trying to figure out all this “understanding” stuff.

What I spend my time thinking and strategizing about is how to achieve the Winning Over Women Factor, or as I’ve mentioned in earlier blogs—the “WOW!” Factor. In my world, this is what matters most—getting your lady to say ‘WOW!’ to something you have accomplished or said. I recommend you focus on this concept as well. Why? Because from years of life experiences and having been married for almost 40 years, I know that all people, particularly women, keep an invisible scorecard of WOW! Points, another term I have already blogged.

WOW! Points are very important. I have observed that the more thoughtful the accomplishment is for the lady, or how meaningful and sensitive the statement is about the lady, the more enthusiastic your lady will declare the “WOW!”, which then directly correlates to the number of WOW! Points you will be awarded. Assuming you can accumulate enough WOW! Points, I guarantee you will rewarded with the title: “HOT! And we all know there are special and very desirable benefits that go with this title.

Sounds easy, doesn’t it? Well it’s not that easy. That’s because there are two further concepts to be considered.

First off, remember I observed that all people are different and unique? Well that translates into each person (read: the ladies in your life) requiring a different number of accumulated WOW! Points before they will award you the Hot! title. Many women will deny the existence of such a scorecard and some will even be offended by the very idea. But you should not succumb to believe this denial or offense. It may not be ‘points’ per se, but we all know there are days when our ladies are happier with us than other days. This is a concept in real life, every day. I guarantee it.

Your next natural question is: What is the number of points required by your lady to become Hot!? Answer: That’s up to you to discover. This is important information to acquire and it will be your most challenging homework assignment. But I can give you a clue or two.

The first clue stems from the fact that all of us guys had mothers (well OK, maybe just most of us) at some point in our lives. Eventually, we all discovered the number of Points it took to put her over the edge because of our not-so-good behaviors. Now, it’s a given that Moms always think their sons are Hot! in a motherly sort of way! But once Mom was over the edge with negative WOW! points (what I call POW! Points or Pissing Off Women Points), we knew life was going to change real fast, and not for the better. Eventually, the smart guys figured out how far to push Mom before she was over the edge and remained in the safe zone as much as possible. Some not-so-smart guys never figured it out. That’s a tragedy I’m sure they are still playing out today.

The other clue goes back to high school. We all knew the hard grading teachers and the easy grading teachers. Word traveled fast and accurately. We always hoped for the easy grading teachers because school was easier that way. Well, the same concept applies in this situation. Be thankful if you have an easy grader, and don’t abuse this blessing. Cherish it and thank your lucky stars for this wonderful lady. For those guys with hard grading ladies in your life, take some delight in the fact that it’s been my experience the hard graders make finally achieving the passing grade more rewarding and exciting.

The next thing to recognize is that there are Negative WOW Factors, and therefore, POW! Points, to contend with. Oh! Come on guys! You know about this concept! We have all experienced these situations—many times. Short of perfection, there is no way to eliminate the risk of POW! Points. For example, if you have ever heard: ‘Wow, you did that?’ or ‘How could that have happened?’ or ‘Did you really say that?’, or ‘You forgot my whatever’, you have been awarded POW! Points.

You guessed it–POW! Points are deducted from accumulated WOW! Points. Worse yet, guys can actually accumulate net deficit situations where the number of POW! Points exceeds the number of WOW! Points. This is a desperate situation, calling for exceptional above-and-beyond effort, because having made too many withdrawals and not enough deposits mandates a penalty most of us cannot afford. It’ just not a healthy situation. It’s just not!!

So, now you have the skinny on some new vocabulary we’ll be using in this blog.

Some of you out there have more experience than me on these concepts. Please share your thoughts because we are all interested in learning new techniques to achieve the ever elusive Hot! title.

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